Stockton Colts 10BB 3 Final 9 San Francisco Sabercats 10BB

First Period
No Scoring
Second Period
01:35 SF10BB Hardy Packard ASST. Atlas Erol
06:41 SF10BB Jack F Parr ASST. Tristan D Bercovitch
07:10 SF10BB Maja J Enquist ASST. Hollis Monberg and Enzo White
08:19 SF10BB Hardy Packard ASST. Atlas Erol and Xavier Marshall
Third Period
02:13 SF10BB Hardy Packard ASST. Julianna B Reyes
03:52 ST10BB Dalton E Lenhardt ASST. Owen C Colao and Heath Develbiss
06:42 ST10BB Owen C Colao Unassisted
06:59 SF10BB Jack F Parr ASST. Atlas Erol
09:30 SF10BB Enzo White ASST. Jack F Parr
11:19 ST10BB Heath Develbiss Unassisted
12:13 SF10BB Enzo White ASST. Maja J Enquist
14:22 SF10BB Hollis Monberg Unassisted

First Period
14:14 SF10BB Hardy Packard Interference 2
Second Period
12:13 ST10BB Bryce E Matos Hooking 2
Third Period
No Infractions


Home Team

multi-point game: Heath Develbiss (2) , Owen C Colao (2)

scoring-players: Team (30.0%)

Away Team

hatties: Hardy Packard (1)

multi-goal game: Hardy Packard (3) , Enzo White (2) , Jack F Parr (2)

multi-point game: Atlas Erol (3) , Enzo White (3) , Hardy Packard (3) , Jack F Parr (3) , Hollis Monberg (2) , Maja J Enquist (2)

scoring-players: Team (90.0%)