Tri Valley Blue Devils 10A 9 Final 1 San Jose Jr Sharks 10A

First Period
11:06 TV10A Mason McKone Unassisted
11:54 TV10A Markus Hatol ASST. Ryan Nicholas
12:04 TV10A Enrique Martinez Unassisted
14:38 TV10A Chase J Offers ASST. Calib J James and Mason McKone
Second Period
05:28 TV10A Shane Weeck ASST. Nathan Kane and Ali Gad
06:38 TV10A Enrique Martinez Unassisted
10:12 TV10A Bryce A Kaplenko ASST. Enrique Martinez and Markus Hatol
11:49 TV10A Enrique Martinez ASST. Mason McKone
Third Period
01:48 SJ10A Paolo Quarles Unassisted
05:12(PP) TV10A Shane Weeck ASST. Ali Gad

First Period
08:35 SJ10A Eli Molyneaux Tripping 2
Second Period
No Infractions
Third Period
04:00 SJ10A Daniel Russell Roughing 2
08:44 TV10A Jordan Madlansacay Slashing 2


Home Team

hatties: Enrique Martinez (1)

multi-goal game: Enrique Martinez (3) , Shane Weeck (2)

multi-point game: Enrique Martinez (4) , Mason McKone (3) , Ali Gad (2) , Markus Hatol (2) , Shane Weeck (2)

scoring-players: Team (67.0%)

Away Team

scoring-players: Team (6.0%)