Cupertino Cougars 12A 7 Final 7 Oakland Bears 12A

First Period
07:15 CU12A Mikhail Kobrinskii ASST. Kyle R Chen and Giulia P Smith
Second Period
09:10 OK12A Jackson R Hite ASST. Owen A Lynn
10:19 CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri Unassisted
14:23 CU12A Edward W Morton Unassisted
14:34 CU12A Stanley Tang ASST. Anthony V Balestrieri
Third Period
59.00 OK12A Jackson R Hite Unassisted
05:27(SH) CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri Unassisted
06:31 OK12A Travis F Tsai ASST. Jason Fong and Darwin Dunston
07:42 CU12A Stanley Tang Unassisted
08:51 OK12A Owen A Lynn ASST. Jackson R Hite
09:51 CU12A Stanley Tang Unassisted
13:15 OK12A Yan Drobysh ASST. Jackson R Hite and Aeneas R Atienza-Washington
13:16 OK12A Darwin Dunston ASST. Owen A Lynn and David L Singh
14:42 OK12A Darwin Dunston ASST. Yan Drobysh and Owen A Lynn

First Period
No Infractions
Second Period
No Infractions
Third Period
04:30 CU12A Kyle R Chen Cross-Checking 2


Home Team

hatties: Stanley Tang (1)

multi-goal game: Stanley Tang (3) , Anthony V Balestrieri (2)

multi-point game: Anthony V Balestrieri (3) , Stanley Tang (3)

scoring-players: Team (40.0%)

Away Team

multi-goal game: Darwin Dunston (2) , Jackson R Hite (2)

multi-point game: Jackson R Hite (4) , Owen A Lynn (4) , Darwin Dunston (3) , Yan Drobysh (2)

scoring-players: Team (67.0%)