Cupertino Cougars 12A 4 Final 7 Tri Valley Blue Devils 12A-2

First Period
01:39(SH) CU12A Devin M Davis Unassisted
05:54 CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri ASST. Kyle R Chen and Stanley Tang
06:04 TV12A-2 Francis Boutet ASST. Devin B Gomes and Griffin J Gomes
07:16 TV12A-2 Victor Platonov ASST. Francis Boutet and Devin B Gomes
Second Period
04:22 TV12A-2 Gabriel Boutet ASST. Griffin J Gomes and Victor Platonov
08:19 TV12A-2 Victor Platonov ASST. Marshall Wiese and Francis Boutet
09:15 CU12A Devin M Davis ASST. Ethan J Hong and Kyle R Chen
10:39 TV12A-2 Francis Boutet Unassisted
Third Period
09:33 TV12A-2 Devin B Gomes ASST. Victor Platonov and Francis Boutet
12:55(PP) CU12A Raiden C Reynolds ASST. Stanley Tang and Ethan J Hong
14:01(EN) TV12A-2 Gabriel Boutet ASST. Anatoly Budoragin and Landon Yuen

First Period
40.00 CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri Cross-Checking 2
02:14 TV12A-2 Gabriel Boutet Hooking 2
Second Period
01:01 CU12A Stanley Tang Tripping 2
04:54 TV12A-2 Devin B Gomes Tripping 2
11:47 CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri High-Sticking 2
13:44 CU12A Devin M Davis Tripping 2
Third Period
12:15 TV12A-2 Victor Platonov Hooking 2


Home Team

multi-goal game: Devin M Davis (2)

multi-point game: Devin M Davis (2) , Ethan J Hong (2) , Kyle R Chen (2) , Stanley Tang (2)

scoring-players: Team (43.0%)

Away Team

multi-goal game: Francis Boutet (2) , Gabriel Boutet (2) , Victor Platonov (2)

multi-point game: Francis Boutet (5) , Victor Platonov (4) , Devin B Gomes (3) , Gabriel Boutet (2) , Griffin J Gomes (2)

scoring-players: Team (62.0%)