San Francisco Sabercats 12A 7 Final 2 Cupertino Cougars 12A

First Period
03:31 SF12A Bennett C Pirie ASST. Noah Leinov and Marc R Borzoni
12:57 SF12A Marc R Borzoni Unassisted
14:04 CU12A Devin M Davis Unassisted
Second Period
02:14(PP) SF12A Cole G Gardner ASST. Ethan A Ngo and Marc R Borzoni
08:50 CU12A Anthony V Balestrieri ASST. Kyle R Chen
14:31 SF12A Ethan A Ngo ASST. Bennett C Pirie
Third Period
02:21 SF12A Jailyn L Paquin-Askew ASST. David Cuperstein and Kyle Giang
07:54 SF12A Jailyn L Paquin-Askew ASST. Marc R Borzoni
11:29(PP) SF12A David Cuperstein Unassisted

First Period
No Infractions
Second Period
02:02 CU12A Edward W Morton Holding 2
10:28 CU12A Edward W Morton Roughing 2
Third Period
10:09 CU12A Mikhail Kobrinskii Roughing 2


Home Team

multi-goal game: Jailyn L Paquin-Askew (2)

multi-point game: Marc R Borzoni (4) , Bennett C Pirie (2) , David Cuperstein (2) , Ethan A Ngo (2) , Jailyn L Paquin-Askew (2)

scoring-players: Team (62.0%)

Away Team

scoring-players: Team (19.0%)