Tri Valley Blue Devils 12BB 4 Final 9 San Jose Jr Sharks Girls 12AAA

First Period
50.00 Lilia Austin Unassisted
04:43 Vihaan Agrawal ASST. Parker R Crudale and Thomas G Sotto
10:07 Ashley Young ASST. Sierra A Martinez and Sera S Pittis
10:46 Ashley Young ASST. Li-An Ye and Camilla Mangadu
Second Period
02:47 Grant Paper ASST. Tahlia R Cathers and Casper J Wu
05:16 Sera S Pittis ASST. Adeline C Ballester and Sierra A Martinez
07:39 Dahlia L Kenny ASST. Lilia Austin
10:00 Dahlia L Kenny Unassisted
10:32 Vihaan Agrawal ASST. Eason Cao and Maddox W Ormsby
14:05 Camilla Mangadu ASST. Liliana M Clark and Alicia C Foland
Third Period
03:11 Sera S Pittis Unassisted
04:55 Vihaan Agrawal ASST. Eason Cao
09:19 Sierra A Martinez ASST. Adeline C Ballester

First Period
11:57 Parker R Crudale Hooking 2
Second Period
10:00 Grant Paper Hooking 0
14:59 Riyaan Amin Tripping 2
Third Period
No Infractions


Home Team

hatties: Vihaan Agrawal (1)

multi-goal game: Vihaan Agrawal (3)

multi-point game: Vihaan Agrawal (3) , Eason Cao (2)

scoring-players: Team (47.0%)

Away Team

multi-goal game: Ashley Young (2) , Dahlia L Kenny (2) , Sera S Pittis (2)

multi-point game: Sera S Pittis (3) , Sierra A Martinez (3) , Adeline C Ballester (2) , Ashley Young (2) , Camilla Mangadu (2) , Dahlia L Kenny (2) , Lilia Austin (2)

scoring-players: Team (67.0%)