Stockton Colts 12B 11 Final 4 Fresno Jr Monsters 12BB

First Period
05:26 Izack A Parsons Unassisted
07:19 Izack A Parsons ASST. Donovan T Soliven and Nathan G Bureaux
07:33 Izack A Parsons Unassisted
07:49 Donovan T Soliven ASST. Elle E Delgado and Sebastian Perez
10:18 Darrian J Stevens ASST. Donovan T Soliven and Elle E Delgado
10:40 Jackson T Lenhardt ASST. Elle E Delgado and Landon G Corcoran
12:42 Izack A Parsons ASST. Christian Taylor and Grant P Develbiss
13:38 Peter D Kalina ASST. George G Madec and Colton Key
Second Period
09:15 Izack A Parsons ASST. Mathias V Martinez and Jack Crivelli
09:58 Sebastian Perez ASST. Donovan T Soliven and Grant P Develbiss
12:38 Braxton Mecartea ASST. Austin Plummer and Colton Key
Third Period
01:23 James Bahrenburg ASST. Peter D Kalina and Ellen Douglas
09:20 Barrett L Smith ASST. Colton Key and Austin Plummer
10:17 Brayden T Schneider ASST. Mathias V Martinez and Landon G Corcoran
14:16 Izack A Parsons Unassisted

First Period
No Infractions
Second Period
No Infractions
Third Period
03:37 Austin Plummer Interference 2


Home Team

natural-hatties: Izack A Parsons (1)

hatties: Izack A Parsons (2)

multi-goal game: Izack A Parsons (6)

multi-point game: Izack A Parsons (6) , Donovan T Soliven (4) , Elle E Delgado (3) , Grant P Develbiss (2) , Landon G Corcoran (2) , Mathias V Martinez (2) , Sebastian Perez (2)

scoring-players: Team (93.0%)

Away Team

multi-point game: Colton Key (3) , Austin Plummer (2) , Peter D Kalina (2)

scoring-players: Team (73.0%)