Capital Thunder 16A 3 Final 8 Vacaville Jets 16A

First Period
11:42 VV16A Luca T Campbell ASST. Dalton J Klein
Second Period
08.00(SH) CT16A Luke Glover Unassisted
57.00(PP) VV16A Dalton J Klein ASST. Henry D Plewes and Brady T Mauro
05:10 CT16A Jason Ivey ASST. Ganon C Nichols
09:25 VV16A Dalton J Klein ASST. Brady T Mauro
12:53 VV16A Cameron A Candelaria Unassisted
13:12 VV16A Cameron A Candelaria ASST. Brady T Mauro
Third Period
03:05(SH) VV16A Matthew D Hague Unassisted
05:51 CT16A Jason Ivey ASST. Luke Glover
06:53 VV16A Cristian A Melara ASST. Matthew D Hague and Cameron A Candelaria
13:19(5/3) VV16A Jacob P Begley ASST. Cristian A Melara and Ashvin S Jawale

First Period
09:24 VV16A Matthew D Hague Tripping 2
12:16 VV16A Brady T Mauro Tripping 2
14:09 CT16A Morgan C Lapsley Roughing 2
Second Period
01:09 VV16A Jacob P Begley Roughing 2
10:44 VV16A Cameron A Candelaria High-Sticking 2
Third Period
02:07 VV16A Henry D Plewes Roughing 2
07:37 CT16A Ganon C Nichols Roughing 2
09:56 VV16A Matthew D Hague Roughing 2
11:50 CT16A Luke Glover Roughing 2
12:22 CT16A Alexander L Crawford Roughing 2


Home Team

multi-goal game: Jason Ivey (2)

multi-point game: Jason Ivey (2) , Luke Glover (2)

scoring-players: Team (23.0%)

Away Team

multi-goal game: Cameron A Candelaria (2) , Dalton J Klein (2)

multi-point game: Brady T Mauro (3) , Cameron A Candelaria (3) , Dalton J Klein (3) , Cristian A Melara (2) , Matthew D Hague (2)

scoring-players: Team (56.0%)